A Reason to Write

Words are one of the most powerful tools that we have. They have the power to hurt and they have the power to heal. They explain how people feel when they are happy, angry, or sad. 

Words tell you how things work and why these same items don't when they won't. You can learn how to bake something, make something, or how to fix that darn something that decided to stop doing what it was supposed to. 

Words are wonderful. Creative writing creates an atmosphere that transports its reader into another time and place. The written word has the power to change the opinion of its reader. It can alter the direction of a persons life or lifestyle. It can cause a reader to laugh, cry, or to feel empathy or emotion toward someone or something that they otherwise would not have. Words are powerful. Handle them with care.

Yet speech terrifies me. You can't change how your spoken words fall once you have released them. Words each chosen so carefully but then thrown haphazardly together to create a single thought that somehow gets lost in the voicing.

Words tossed together as if they were a salad thrown high in the air by an angry chef to land in confused disarray. You try to make sense of them but cannot because they are not perfectly aligned. They remain forever spoken never to be erased.

But what if those words could be taken away. What if all the hurt, anger, and insecurity caused by them could be simply wiped away like chalk from the board at the end of a school day. The dust whisked away with the next rain. No residue. No collateral damage. Just a clean slate to begin each new day. As a writer I have that opportunity.

When you voice a thought aloud you cannot erase the words once they are spoken. Speech is so very rigid. It is unlike written words where you have only to move your thoughts around a bit to make them sound as you actually meant them to be. As a writer there is always a second chance to say what it is that you mean to convey. It is why I write.

Words can have a tremendous influence on those who read them. From the sound of that first caressing lullaby that we hear as a child to the quiet spoken words heard from a loving daughter or caretaker as she reads a story aloud to us when we are elderly.

Words influence every thought and action that we experience throughout our lives. Like pictures hold memories so do words create them. Words cause emotions to stir within us that we would not otherwise have experienced.

We use our emotions to influence the many directions that our life will take us and to direct us in most actions. We will often use these same emotions to teach others in the lessons that we have learned so that they may also experience the emotions that we have felt. Words are powerful. If they can change one person they can change the world.

Now the internet has increased this reach. Online article writing became popular in 1999 when a new field of literature known as blogging hit computer screens. Much to everyone's surprise millions of people wanted to read those blogs and this opened the door for everyday people to open up their computers to share their tips and trade secrets with this new following of web readers.

Blogging also officially opened a new career path for those with a love of the written word. Web sites began to vie for people to write articles on every subject imaginable. It turns out that there really are millions of people who want to read what regular people have to say.

Today the term blog has nestled down to a soft whisper but that doesn't mean that there are any less online writers out there. There are still thousands of us here sharing our skills, recipes, tips, hints, ideas, and thoughts with readers. 

Writing Genres

Science Fiction

There are many genres that one can choose to write under and an overlap between these themes is common.

Writing Topics

Craft Projects
Vehicle Maintenance
Product Reviews
Family Genealogy
Home Decorating
Party Planning

Most computer programs come with spell check which is a God send for a terrible speller such as myself. Other issues that arise in my profession though are not quite so easy to fix. When it comes to ideas, creativity, repairing grammatical errors, and avoiding repetition we are pretty much left on our own.
As a writer the most valuable tools I personally own are a dictionary and a thesaurus.

A thesaurus is a book that provides alternative words for practically every word that appears in most standard dictionaries. 

It is a treasure trove of synonyms which are words that have a similar meaning to another word. These resource books can be the difference between writing that is bland and writing that is beautiful. Having a choice of descriptive words can keep you from constantly using the same terms or phrases throughout your work and help to bring a more interesting touch to your written stories.

Having a number of descriptive words at your fingertips can lift your writing out of the just okay category and carry your reader into a new realm of enchantment and enjoyment. The more captivating your work is then the more apt you are to hold your reader's attention. That's a good thing.
If you are writing online you will also discover that using a number of great synonyms can help to increase your search visibility. By providing a number of keywords for the major search engines to discover your articles under there will be a greater likelihood of visitors finding your web pages.

A thesaurus is an indispensable tool for students, writers, and other professional people. I class this book as one of the most powerful literary tools that you can have in your possession. You can also use the online version as well. Nothing personal if you don't, this is simply my personal nag to new writers.

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