Writing in the AM for Morning Clarity

There are a number of advantages to writing in the early morning hours and your clarity of mind is only one of these. Gone are the distractions and stresses of yesterday and other than the cobwebs that have gathered in the mind over night we generally wake up pretty refreshed after a good nights sleep. Which means that for me morning is the perfect time to sit down and write.

We are human and prone to an abundance of opinion and emotion which can easily display itself in our writing. Fatigue can bring emotions flowing out that we may not necessarily want within the context of an article so it really is best to work when we are at our most refreshed and alert frame of mind.

Worry, stress, and anger can easily taint an unbiased line of reasoning in an article. Fatigue can bring those vivid emotions flowing out within the ink of the pen. All the tiny little details of the day can build one upon the other and remain with a person for the remainder of the day. We may not realize the emotions sitting at the back of our mind and these can all too easily make their appearance known within our creative works.

Unless you want those emotions to add power to your current article then it is best to wait till morning to resume your writing. When we wake in the morning gone are the emotions and worries that were carried to our bed which means that we are able to start the days work with a fresh attitude.

Spelling and grammatical errors are other factors that are more likely to appear within your work if you attempt to write too late in the day. A person’s attention to detail and ability to concentrate can be clouded by fatigue and stress. Sometimes it is better to close the books and begin again in the morning when concentration levels are improved.

In the morning with the sweet aroma of fresh brewing coffee in the air it is the ideal opportunity to get your creative mind to play. The house is your official domain. Your mind is open to digest any subject or viewpoint that it may have need to analyze or discuss. You can come to your keyboard with a relaxed frame of mind and an open window of opportunity to discuss any subject that might be deemed relevant to your mornings writings.

The delightful sip of that first cup of coffee, the sound of birds singing out in the yard, and feeling completely rested after a good nights sleep are a few simple reasons to find yourself in a relaxed morning mood. There are definite advantages to writing in the AM versus PM.

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