Writing Prompts for Writers Block

Writing prompts are cues that help you to become a better writer. They are the reason that biographies are written, fairy tales come to life, and news articles are printed to keep you up to date on current events. 

Literary creators use these cues to create their work.

Writing prompts are words or phrases that send emotional signals to jolt a stagnant mind and impel it into action. When writer's block hits they are an exercise technique that can help pull you back into a working mode. Designed to help a person formulate an article or story around them these prompts can be beyond value to those who work with words. They are the emotional stimuli that is the basis of a writer's creative work. A writing prompt is a cue designed to stimulate your mental processes.

Sample Writing Prompts

1. The sun beamed down on the children at play...

2. The unicorn pranced excitedly when it noticed the treat in my hand...

3. His eyes welled with a sudden rush of tears and I knew...

4. Tiny white clouds floated over the palace where the guards anxiously waited...

If it Stimulates Your Creativity Then it is a Prompt

These are an important tool for professional writers. A writing prompt can be a simple image, a memory, a few descriptive words, or an entire lead in paragraph created by another person or a computer generated program. The many valuable uses these prompts offer up to the literary community are immeasurable.

To begin the creative writing process a writer will generally be able to draw a suggested idea from past experiences or everyday events. 

For many journalists and freelance writers natural writing prompts would include work assignments, titles, cues, people or current events that they are exposed to. If these methods fail to stimulate an idea when it is most needed then this is when a generated writing prompt can come in very useful.

The exposure to everyday stimuli is usually enough to get a persons creative juices flowing but there are times when the mind goes blank. It is called writers block and it can be a penman's worst enemy. It is a phenomenon which can affect anyone at any time. This burnout can be brought on by fatigue, stress, overwork, or a simple lack of a new ideas.

When writer's block hits it can seem like nothing will ever get your creative juices flowing again and this is where the use of generated prompts can be very helpful. A writer needs to compose articles in order to complete assignments and generate income. Prompts are a great way to get the ideas flowing again.

Sometimes a simple nudge is all that is needed to stimulate the imagination. An opening idea, concept, or setting can stir up the thought processes once again.There are a number of books and websites available which provide prompts. Online generators are also available and are a simple little click-able web button which you press to receive any number of random cues.

Creative writing prompts can be used as a teaching aide for students or home schooled children. A random generated writing prompt is as helpful to children as it is to adults.

Penmanship exercises help to finely tone a students literary skills and for many language arts students the practice of creative writing is used to increase their writing abilities.

Prompts are often used to help them learn to write more freely and effectively. Each student often uses the same sentence or phrase to create a uniquely individual train of thought. This not only clearly displays their abilities to their instructor but it also enables each student to see their conscious as well as their subconscious train of written thought.

The https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/story-starters/ - Scholastic Kids Writing Prompt Generator is so much fun that even adults will want to play there but these writing prompts are designed specifically with kids in mind. 

Select your grade, enter your first name, and you are ready to choose a topic.

Prompts for School Age Children

1. John was so sad that he sat right down and...

2. The puppy was sleeping by father's chair when suddenly...

3. My sister has gum in her hair and it is starting to...

4. The truck chugged, honked, and clunked but it was just too old to...

Word games and brain challenges are other ways to stimulate ideas. Some people use literary prompts to play language based games with students, friends, or family. It is also a fun way to keep aging brain cells active.

Challenging your mind can be a great way to enrich your word power, imagination, and creativity. There are many uses for writing prompts. They help encourage creativity, reasoning, and basic chain of thought. As an instructional tool they help to develop and fine tone writing skills. They can be an author's best friend.

Simple Sentences that Stimulate Creative Ideas

1. It was so damp and cold that I thought I might lose a toe or two...

2. I had never believed in ghosts but my heart now literally stopped in mid beat...

3. His third eye kept blinking at me and I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable...

4. She cautiously reached out to gently lay her hand on my heart...

Take Advantage of Sites Offering up a Free Prompt Generator

Each of these websites offer a simple to use creative writing prompt generator.

The Creativity Portal: Generates one random prompt per click.

This Seventh Sanctum Generator: Generates 10 writing prompts per click.

Simply click the tab and the automated programs will provide you with a potential topic to write on. If you don't like the displayed topic just click the tab again to get a new suggestion.

A writer's tools are few but the ones he uses can make a tremendous difference to the quality of his/her work. Keep your writing professional by checking spelling and grammar. If ever in doubt always check that word out. Keep it exciting by delving into a good thesaurus.

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