Writing a Recipe Article

We all eat food and the majority of us occasionally cook which means that most of us have a few great family recipes tucked away in an old hand written cookbook just waiting to be shared. 

If you write online (or you want to) this tutorial is for you. Sharing a favorite dish is a great way to begin. When people are searching online for a recipe they are usually looking for one that is a unique from what they already have access to. If you can offer up something a little different from the current offerings then you truly are creating something of value. There really is a right create a recipe article and doing it correctly can reap you sweet rewards.

Everyone has a few family recipes passed down from grandma, a great aunt, or a friend. These are ideal for sharing online. They are generally quite unique and the reason for this is the loving touches that go into their creation.

There are also thousands of variations to many common dishes in many of the recipes out there and this is no accidental occurrence. Over time each cook adjusts their recipes to suit their own distinct tastes and preferences.

Over time the original recipe will morph into a completely new and unique ingredient list. You have probably noticed this in your own collection of family recipes. Perhaps you use less sugar or substitute raisins or walnuts to replace chocolate chips in a recipe. Well this is how a recipe becomes your unique creation.

Times have changed and the trend now is for leaner healthier eating. Never be afraid to experiment, alter, and adapt a recipe. Then go ahead and share your creation. 

An original recipe, original photos, and a genuine recommendation are how you write a good online article. This is a recipe that you will be proud to share with others. If for some reason you do find yourself requiring additional photos you can find free images at Pixabay.com. There are a wonderful resource site for these.

If you want to zazzle up your pictures head over to Picmonkey.com and use their free photo editor. Once you have your photos ready to place along side your writing then it is time to begin creating your editorial.

A Personal Touch in Writing and Photography Makes it Memorable

He is not overly pretty but this wee slimy fellow did add a unique twist to one of my food articles. The little slug made his appearance while I was harvesting the Swiss chard from our garden. Not being too fond of insects who prey on my garden's bounty this little guy was not released back out to do more damage. 

Sorry slug but you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All was not lost though as he did manage to get his photo forever displayed on an article on preserving Swiss chard. But putting bugs aside there are ways to give your article an edge over others. By adding in little tidbits of information you can turn a good article into a great one.

Doing a little research on your subject can help your work stand out from the crowd and this definitely applies when writing food articles. Nutritional information, ingredient conversions, folklore, history, health information and other extras can bring additional life to your website.

The added communication between you and your visitor will help to make your recipe stand out from other less informative works. 

The added text may also give you extra credit when it comes to search engine rank. The more valuable your article is to those seeking it then the higher it is likely to rank with Google and Bing Search.

When conducting research always try to use at least three reliable sources of information. This helps to remove any bias that may be present, it also helps to insure the accuracy of your information and helps to prevent you from unintentionally plagiarizing other written communications. Your work should always be your own.

If in doubt do research to insure your information is accurate. Research material should be used solely to provide you with the information you need to write an informed article.

Once your recipe is published you will need to promote it. Having a published website can be very exciting but in order to have it reach the people you want it to you will generally have to do some degree of promotion. There are many ways to promote your food article that won't cost you a penny.

Never underestimate the power of social media. Facebook and Twitter are two of my favorite websites for sharing and if you are not a part of them yet maybe you should take a peek. They can be a great site to attract visitors to your favorite recipes. 

Google has Google+, Google Communities, and Google Collections which are also great social sites you can use for promoting your site. Sign up, create a few boards in the collections area and join a few relevant communities to discuss and share in.

Last to mention but certainly not the least in importance is Pinterest. This site started off as a photo sharing website and quickly sprang into a collection of images and links to the most amazing articles, recipes, and newscasts.

This website can be very addictive but that is a testimonial to how wonderfully entertaining it is. Pinterest is the perfect place to promote your recipes. Follow me at: Lorelei Cohen on Pinterest.

When it comes to writing online original content is king and this applies to the writing of recipes as much as it does to all the other websites out there. There is definitely a difference between a good and a bad article.  

Original content is what the search engines and the people who are searching the Internet want to see and your work can be rewarded for featuring it.

I spent the better part of one morning searching Google in an attempt to find something a little different to do with our raspberries. I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed.

It was quickly apparent to me that many of the recipes I stumbled onto had never been cooked, baked, or fried by the person writing the article. This was very disappointing.

Simply copy and pasting someone's recipe as your own does not make it your own and nor does it create a good internet article. This is one of the biggest mistakes that an online food writer can make. I hope you see where I am going with this. Don't do it. Keep your online work fabulously refreshing.

There is an immediate copyright that apply to all text and images posted online. Anything that is featured on the internet automatically has its own copyright protection unless otherwise stated. However there are exceptions to this rule and when it comes to recipes the standard copyright rules do change.

The article and text surrounding the online recipe are copyright protected as well as are any pictures of the recipe which may be featured on that website. The ingredient list itself is not subject to copyright. 

This means that anyone working online can pretty much copy any recipe that they wish to so long as they do not use the text or images surrounding the ingredient list. The problem with this copy and paste of a recipe article is that the search engines see the webpage featuring the new recipe article as duplicate copy and so will often rank it as second rate. 

This means that the majority of visitors will be directed to the writer of the original recipe rather than to yourself if you are the person using this technique to create websites. The other setback is that people like myself also realize that the recipe is a copy and we won't bother checking your work out again.

A little note on advertisements: Advertising can help to pay your website costs and perhaps even net you some spare pocket change. Most people who work online rely on this income. Have you noticed that the ads on this article are all food related? It's no accident. When creating an article on food be sure to add in a couple of related ads on the topic that your writing focuses on. Don't over do your website with ads but be sure to include a few.

A recipe passed down in the family or one you have adopted? Keep in mind that original content is king. It is one of the key components that will get your article found in the search engines faster than another of comparable quality. People love to discover a new ethnic recipe online, do you have one?

Experimenting in the kitchen is the best way to refine a list of ingredients to your talents and tastes. Home cooked dishes and desserts are generally very adaptable and in today's health conscious world a few little additions or deletions can net you a winning recipe. Heart friendly, low cholesterol, low salt, diet, or reduced calorie niches are great topics to write on.

There are many foodie themes which can be incorporated into your online tutorials. In today's fast paced world quick and easy meal plans can be a great area to write in. A simple to prepare meal can sometimes be a welcome reprieve so share your tips, ideas, and favorites.

Cookbooks have been making the chef in the family a hero for many years. There are so many delicious mouth watering cookie and cupcake recipes that will have your family sniffing the air on their way into your kitchen. If you love your desserts like I do then there is likely a recipe book or two that really needs to be sitting on your book shelf and if you are feeling super creative who not write your own?

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