Writing Themes

Which niche area should you write in: current events, popular topics, evergreen, or seasonal?

Whether you are a writer of articles or novels you are naturally hoping that more than just a few people will find and read your work.

All writing themes have their benefits so it is a personal choice as to the one that is ideal for you.
Many writers choose to write articles which are seasonal in nature ie: Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, or spring, summer, autumn, and winter. These articles rise in popularity during their season and then fall in the ratings till their season returns and they rise in popularity once again. Other writers choose to write on current events which are topics that are popular at the moment but have a large possibility of fading with time. Some writers choose a popular niche topic to write on and then stick very closely to their theme over the long haul.


If you write professionally then it is your readership which generally garners you a paycheck so finding popular topic matter for your writing is very important no matter which style of writing you choose to participate in.

Niche Writing: Is it the Method of Writing for you?

A niche topic is a specialized or very narrow subject area. For example outdoor sports would be a broad topic area, fishing would be a still popular but somewhat narrower niche topic. 

Collectible fishing lures, fishing locations, types of fishing, and species of sport fish, would be narrow niche topics. Ie: Your broad topic is sports, your niche is sport fishing, your niche topic narrowed down further could be Invasive Asian Carp.

Often the theory is that the narrower your niche then the more likely you are to acquire readership. However this is not always the case. For those who write prolifically a larger niche area can also be a very profitable arena to write in.  

Keep in mind that many niche topics have already been covered extensively so do your research to insure you can compete or move on to another subject. Unique and original content is king.

Once you have chosen a topic the best method of inching your way into your niche field is to choose a very narrow area of interest within your broad theme and have your first articles focus only on this small niche topic. If you find that you enjoy writing within a niche and you are doing well within this area then pick up another narrow niche area within the broader field of your topic. You can then continue to write outward for as far as your broad topic allows.

Popular Niche Writing Topics

*Music: Country, Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Artists, Concerts, News.

*Gaming: Specific video, online, board, age based, or system games (ie: Wii, Sony, Game Boy etc.)

*Collectibles: Dolls, teddy bears, action figures, coins, art, figurines, sports memorabilia, china, silver, name brand collectibles, toy cars, classic cars, antiques, political memorabilia, vintage items etc.

*Sports and Recreation: Baseball, Football, Olympic, Wrestling, Swimming, College, Camping etc.

*Famous Personalities: A specific actor, actress, singer, political figure, cartoon character, scientist, newsmaker etc.

*Recipes: Baked goods, vegetarian, gluten free, meat lovers, heart healthy, low cholesterol, etc.

*Reviews: Book, hotel, movie, restaurant, products, travel, etc.
*Toys: Barbie, Disney, Hot Wheels, Monster High School, Tonka, baby toys, preschool toys, etc.

*Relationships: Family, romance, divorce, couple issues, children, babies, dating, pregnancy, alternative lifestyle.

*Lifestyle issues: A specific field of work, finding employment, how to make money, internet marketing, shopping, crafts, budgeting, disability, personal development, health, financial advice, weddings etc.
Current Events and News Category? 
Current events are of course the items that are currently hitting your local newspaper, internet news, and radio. These topics are very popular while they are at their peek and made visible by frequent broadcasts.

These topics include major news makers, celebrity gossip, sporting events, championships, national disasters, weather news, world news, charity issues and events, etc.

These trending topics can have an immediate high traffic flow but then have a tendency to dip down in the ranks once their spotlight fades.
Some of these topics may never emerge again while others can have a seasonal recurring emergence or show up years later when a related event brings them back into the limelight.

  Popular Seasonal Topics 

January: Diets, dieting, turkey leftovers, SADS, depression, taxes, income tax, money, budgeting, earning extra income, hockey, employment, humour, New Year's resolutions, weather, Chinese horoscope, baking, recipes, Martin Luther King.

February: Valentine's Day, Superbowl, football, hockey, taxes, income tax, spring, Chinese New Year, recipes, baking, diet, love, romance, dating.

March: Daylight savings time, St. Patrick's Day, Spring, hockey, Easter, Palm Sunday, Passover, diet, exercise.

April: April Fools Day, Spring, Easter, diet, exercise, fitness, hockey, fashion, shoes, Crocus, Tulips, spring birds, love romance, dating, relationships, taxes, income tax, money, employment.
May: Spring break, summer break, Mother's Day, Spring, spring flowers, babies, children, gardening, birds, pets, travel, graduation, prom, weddings, summer employment.


June and July: Weddings, graduation, gardening, dining, hotels, summer, summer break, kids, children, games, travel, sports, outdoor activities, camping, Father's Day, Canada Day, summer employment, Fourth of July, cameras, Independence Day, Warm weather foods (barbecue, salads, ice cream, ice tea).

August and September: Labor day, summer, fall, autumn, back to school, lunches, children, kids, teens, clothing, tablets, laptops and computers, college, dorm, students, student employment, harvest, babies.

October: Halloween, fashions, costumes, baking, fall, autumn, garden, canning, fruit, health, harvest, home decor, winter, crafts, employment, money, Thanksgiving.

November and December: Remembrance Day, War, Thanksgiving, Turkey, Christmas, holidays, school, ornaments, Christmas trees, college, students, children, babies, relationships, romance, dating, winter, cold, ice, snow, snowflakes, money, employment, budgeting, saving money, crafts, shopping, gifts, baking, recipes, computers, tablets, laptops, tech gifts, depression, SADS, diet, exercise, hockey, winter sports.

1. Expose yourself to new adventures and ideals.

2. Take a photo whenever the opportunity presents itself. A picture can bring you a wealth of ideas.

3. Keep a pen and paper by the bed so you can write down thoughts as they come to you.
4. Writing prompts are images, sayings, quotes, or sentences designed to stimulate your mind into a creative mode. These can be used to bring you a new prospective. Watch for them.
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