As Canadians we are blessed to live in one of the most amazing countries in the world. From one end to the other you will find a wonderfully diverse mix of personalities and cultures. We each have our own unique thoughts, ideals, traditions, and emotional responses to the stimuli thrown our direction. It is the reason why a writer writes and also why a curious mind reads. 

A Reason to Write: Words are powerful. They can change attitudes and destinations, influence how one views a situation, or how one completes a project. A writer is a teacher, a creator of thoughts and imagination. There is so very much that we each have to say. Words are powerful. Write. Share yours today.

Literary Creation: A writer's view of the world is quite different from that of others. In his eyes small details and otherwise unnoticed events become highlighted and transform themselves into words not necessarily fitting the image that was seen. The imagination is unleashed and refuses to acknowledge preconceived ideals or boundaries. Let yours go a little wild. Create.

Writing a Recipe Article: Everyone has a family recipe that receives compliments each time it is served. This is the perfect recipe to share online. Next time you are cooking keep your camera by your side and snap photos as you prepare your work of art. People love to discover a new or unique dish. 

In the land of folklore and fantasy it is accurate to say that any creature can exist, any scenario can occur, and any wish, dream, or ideal can indeed come true. This is a realm where all things are possible and all things possible can dissolve into a pool of improbability. Fantasy, editorial, romance, biography, or recipes no matter which venue or theme you work in these tips and tricks may help you discover new inspiration or perspective.

Fiction Writing Techniques: Simply defined fiction is not true and the characters that play within it are not really experiencing what is being portrayed in the story line. Fiction is a fabrication derived from the writer's imagination.

Finding Free Photos, Pictures, and Clip Art: There are thousands of free online photos available to those who work online. For a variety of image styles these websites are my favorites. They provide a selection of high quality, public domain, and copyright free images.

Writing Themes: Seasonal, evergreen, current topics, or niche there are many writing themes that a writer can choose to work in. Article topics vary greatly and the arena that a writer chooses to create in may also vary. This is a description of the why and how of the most popular theme choices.

Writing in the AM for Morning Clarity: AM or PM? Each writer has his own reasoning for the time of day that he or she will do the bulk of their work. I personally prefer early morning. With a cup of coffee by my side I am definitely at my best in the early day hours.

Proper Use of May and Can: The two words may seem as though they could be interchangeable but they most certainly are not. The misuse of these words is a commonly made error in written works. There is definitely a right and a wrong way to use these terms.

Writing Children's Poetry: Rhythm and rhyme are the ideal ingredients to grab a child's attention. A rhythmic beat is relatable no matter what your age may be. Poems don't have to make sense, they just have to be fun.

Writer's Prompt: A prompt can be a picture, image, word, or phrases that stimulates a person to write. Writing prompts are generally short sentences designed to stir a writer's imagination and bring ideas for new articles, editorials, or books.

The Heart of a Writer: A writer's memories are saved on small bits of paper to be tossed aside to be reclaimed on another day. These small notes and writing prompts to be later used in the creation of new articles, editorials, and books.