How Much of Our Brain Do We Use?

No one is sure where the idea that people only use 10 percent of their brain originated but it is definitely not true. 

The neurotransmitters in your mind are constantly sending out messages throughout its network even while you are in a resting state. The brain is a complex system designed with every area to have a usage and although not all areas are always working at the same time (or perhaps even to their maximum ability), it is believed that most of the brain is constantly at work to keep you functioning in peak operating condition.

It would take too much energy for your brain to function in all areas at one time so although your brain is constantly at work it conserves energy by having neurons fire at different times throughout different areas of the brain. This process occurs even while you sleep, in fact there is a lot of activity going on while you are sleeping. Seeing old Uncle Henry slumped over and sleeping in his easy chair it can be difficult to imagine that he is capable of using more than ten percent of his brain's capabilities. The truth is though that even while we rest the brain is busy doing a full day's work load.

It is keeping our lungs breathing, our heart beating and  is sending out chemical messages to keep us from peeing the bed while we sleep. The brain is busy keeping us alive and functioning even when we appear to have very little activity happening. While Uncle Henry rests his brain is busy using quite a few functions to keep him alive but it is also spending this valuable period of time for cleaning up the clutter that has accumulated throughout your waking hours.

The brain may actually use more energy during the night than it does during the day. While the body sleeps the brain takes advantage of the extra available energy that it can now use. The brain utilizes this energy to organize and clean up from the day's work much as a mother would in the home as she dashes around picking things up and putting them away.

While he sleeps Uncle Henry's brain is busy stirring his imagination and emotions as it analyzes and organizes everything that has occurred since he last slept. It categorizes items and pops into the deep dark recesses of the mind anything that is not of value. Some believe this process is what creates our dreams as we sleep.

Your Brain is Actually More Active While You Sleep

The Basic Divisions of the Brain: The brain is divided into six key areas. Frontal Lobe, Parietal Lobe, Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobe, Cerebellum and Brain Stem. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. The two sides of the brain communicate with each other to keep your movements in sync.

Although every part of the brain may have a specific function to perform, most of the brain's activity works in unison to keep the body running smoothly as a whole. Most of the processes that occur within the brain are constantly being communicated between other areas of the mind so that you can function as a singular creature. All areas of the brain are working.

The Six Main Areas of the Brain and Their Function:

1. The Frontal Lobe controls judgment, sexual urges, muscle
movement, sense of smell, thought processes such as creative thought, problem solving and intellect. There is a lot going on here.

2. The Parietal Lobe works at taking care of our sensory perceptions, our sense of touch, our responses to various stimuli, as well as some of our language, reading and visual functions.

3. The Occipital Lobe appears to concentrate on vision and reading. Most of those who pursue artistic endeavours have a tendency to make use of this area of the brain although the amount used by some individuals can be argued on?

4. The Temporal Lobe of the brain works at memory and even it works at doing its job. It is busy storing information that we may need at a later date. It also works at controlling some of our language, speech, behaviour, emotions, and hearing functions.

5 and 6. The Cerebellum and Brain Stem are busy keeping you alive. They control the cardiac and respiratory needs of the body. They keep you standing erect, allow the motor and sensory pathways to exist within your body, and basically keep you from looking like Uncle Henry does when he is sleeping.

You have amazing brain power even while you sleep. Some scientists theorize that sleep may exist specifically as a time for the brain to do its housecleaning. It is a very interesting concept. Which brings us back to poor old Uncle Henry. The tell tale drool at the corner of his mouth gives him away every time. As soon as his body hits a resting spot his eyes close and he drifts off but believe it or not it is a fact that his brain is still using more than ten percent of its functioning power. It is not obvious, but it is true.

I do know that if you don't get enough sleep that it can definitely have an impact on how your brain processes the information it receives throughout the day. To be on the safe side and insure that your brain is working at peak capacity get your full 8 hours of quality Zzz's at night.

And don't forget to exercise your brain on a regular basis. To utilize new pathways in your brain all you really have to do is expose your mind to new concepts and challenges. These mental workouts are push ups for your brain. Your mind appreciates a workout as much as the rest of the body does. For a little weight lifting for your brain exercise your creative thinking today.

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