Houseplants that Clean Pollutants From Indoor Air

Having houseplants placed strategically throughout your home is much more than just a decorative option these attractive living house guests can actually help to filter and remove toxins from the indoor air that surrounds them.  A two year study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration found that greenery in a room really does act like an air purifier in removing pollutants. They also discovered that some plants worked better than others when removing different types of toxins. Studies show that plants can remove pollutants from the air within your home or work place. It is a fact that having houseplants can greatly improve indoor air quality. Just place a plant or two in each room of your home or office and the air that you and breathe on a daily basis can be much cleaner courtesy of a plants ability to remove the contaminants around them. Many individuals are unaware that the air they and their families are breathing may be contaminated by a variety of househo

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