What to Feed Ducks and Other Wild Birds

Most of us know that we should not be feeding bread or other kitchen castoffs to local waterfowl but many of us also enjoy feeding the ducks and geese when we run into them.  Our feathered friends can be difficult to resist. When you live in a community which has an abundance of local waterfowl like I do it is common to see ducks and geese when you are at the local lake or beach.  Most of the birds in my neighbourhood are pretty used to people and the ducks will come running to see if you have food for them to eat which of course brings up the question of what to feed the ducks.  Bread, popcorn, crackers and other human foods of this nature have very little nutritional value to offer ducks, geese, or other wild birds .  When we feed these items to birds we deprive them of eating healthier food alternatives. To learn which natural foods a wild duck would usually eat check out the list below. 1) Insects or bugs. 2) Algae 3) Aquatic plants and roots  4) Worms, tiny fish, fis

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