Canadian One Dollar Coin: The Loonie

The Canadian one dollar coin is one of many coins and bills that comprise Canadian money. Due the costs involved in regularly replacing paper money the switch from a paper dollar to one of coin came in 1987 but not without a strange twist of humour affecting its future historical references. Because the restyled dollar featured a loon on its flip side it  quickly acquired the dubious honour of being nicknamed “The Loonie”.  Subsequent attempts to drift away from having the new one dollar coin hosting the distinguished title of Loonie just did not work and the term remains to stand tall and strong within Canadian History Books as the official name of Canada’s one dollar coin. The actual first Canadian dollar coin made in Canada was minted in 1935. The image of King George Vl was proudly displayed on the face of the coin while the flip side featured a Voyageur and his native companion in a canoe. A little known fact about this first coin is that one of the bundles within the canoe b

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