Insects & Bugs

Bug bites and stings can be more than just a little annoying, they itch, they sting, and some can cause the body to go into an allergic reaction. It is wise to be aware and be prepared.

Why do Mosquitos Like Me? 
If it seems that she is specifically seeking you out to dine on then you just may be correct in your assumptions. There are a number of ways that a mosquito will seek out her meal and you may be one of those folks who are easier for her to locate. You may also simply smell like a tastier meal.

Is a Spider an Insect or a Bug?
She's tiny and seriously creepy, some folks admire her delicate stature. So is this little creature an insect or a bug? Surprisingly she is neither and belongs in a classification of her own. I guess any critter this special does deserve a spotlight of her own.

Edible Insects as a Protein Food Source:
Rich in protein, low in fat, eco friendly to produce bugs may be a future food product to consider. Some countries have already implemented this food into their daily living and children raised on crickets, worms, and spiders view eating this staple no differently than we do chicken.

Bug and Insect Bites and Stings:
Know what to do when these tiny nippers head in your direction. Bees, wasps, mosquitoes, spiders, ants, and about a thousand other little creatures are capable of a bite or sting that will definitely leave you feeling the hurt!