Thinking Too Much Can Confuse You

Have you been thinking far more than you should? It happens. 

Sometimes we humans get thinking far more than it is healthy for us to do. It clutters our mind with a lot of unnecessary thoughts that in the end only serve to confuse us. Cluttering the mind can be confusing. Thinking too much isn't necessarily a good thing and many of us may allow it to happen far more often than we realize.

When we start imagining the "what ifs" and "what could have been" scenarios they can start messing with the facts to turn a simple idea into a great big tangled mess of insecurity. We are human and being human means that we can be a little insecure at times which can cause us to dream up stuff that is far better off being left untouched. It really can be quite disconcerting when your thoughts start running in directions they should never venture into. The mental instability can be almost enough to drive a person crazy and trust me when I say that crazy is a great place to visit but not somewhere that you want to reside at on a permanent basis. ​So just stop thinking so much.

To prevent little issues from becoming big ones just insure that you get your facts straight the first time around and then you won't have to sit and worry about it later. Never just presume or assume something. It is really not a healthy direction to go. Get your information accurate. Don't trust rumours or gossip because they probably are not the straight facts. Get your information directly from the mouth of the horse because by the time things come out the other end you really cannot tell what the heck it originally was.

Assuming something without really checking it out can cause that gosh awful thing called self doubt to start creeping in. Which means that you wind up sitting there analyzing yourself or someone else and coming up with all kinds of truly awful thoughts. This over thinking only leads to more thinking and additional thinking leads to insecurity, imagined scenarios, and bewilderment which then leads to you getting yourself all upset.​ Don't believe everything you think because that could be a big mistake.

Life really should not be taken quite so seriously anyway. We are human and humans are prone to make mistakes. It is how we learn. Everyone does it so why should you be different from anyone else. It is perfectly okay to screw up so long as you learn from that mistake.

While we are on that subject it is important to note that effective communication skills can clear up many of life's potential conflicts before they get out of hand. Unfortunately social communication skills are not something we are born with or a talent that we naturally acquire as we grow, sometimes we have to take the time to learn these skills. Knowing the difference between passive, assertive, and aggressive behaviour can solve many stressful social situations. Take a few minutes to look into an assertiveness course. This program teaches how to get what you want without stepping on someone else's toes or for that matter having someone else step on yours. It is knowledge that can help to increase the satisfaction you experience in your life. You can do this course from the comfort of your home, the principles are actually quite simple. All it takes is a little patient practice to incorporate the principles into your daily pattern of living.

It never ceases to amaze me how one simple little notion can explode into a huge tangled mess of hidden meanings if you analyze it too much. Turning a tiny innocent idea into a raging roaring wildfire is never a good idea. It is much better to just keep things simple up there. Cluttering an issue with too many ifs ands or buts can have you sitting there all upset and sobbing hysterically or seething mad at the world. Insecurity can allow images of self doubt, jealousy, and depression to develop and grow within the mind. No one wants that so just don't do it. It's simple, all you have to do is stop thinking so darn much. Gosh but all that analyzing of this and that can be a very unhealthy thing to do.
The number one side effect of thinking too much is insecurity. Insecurity is like a virus. It takes root in the brain and then spreads throughout a person's entire being. It has the amazing ability to infect almost every concept and ideal that had preceded its arrival. Don't let this happen to you. Take things at face value. It makes life so much easier to deal with. Don't assume: get the cold hard facts before you start to analyze things. Keep in mind that a smile can often diffuse a tense situation. It can ease stress and help everyone in viewing range including yourself to relax. So find a reason to smile and share that face all over the place. 

You know exactly what will happen if you just sit there and stew about something. That little something is going to turn into some huge scratching clawing beast that you can no longer control. Then you know what happens next? There you are with your head stuffed into the pillow wailing and sobbing away like some poor wounded creature that has nowhere left to turn. Yep, you have scared the heck out of yourself. Just don't think about stuff so darn much. 

Most things in life really do not have to be analyzed that deeply. If something is bothering you then grab the bull by the horns and discuss it with the source. Verify the facts. Work it out or figure it out. Get rid of those little doubts that are racing around your mind before they turn into great big giant scary thoughts. Stop the madness. It can drive you nuts if you don't stop thinking more than you should. It is simply not good for you to do that kind of silliness to yourself.

Life really does not need to be analyzed that deeply. Life is here to be lived so get out there and play. Sometimes we get so focused on all the little issues romping around in our brain that we ball these up into a great big snowball and then get overwhelmed by the great big pile of white matter we have just created. Good gosh. We sometimes analyze things just a way too much and it can confuse us. Keep it simple up there.

Deal with one itty bitty problem at a time and the big picture will eventually get whittled down into something which you are more able to control. At times when you are feeling over whelmed it is important to break down the big picture into smaller issues which are more easily dealt with. 

"I have to pay rent. I am behind on my car payment. The taxes are due. The dog needs to get fed. The kids need new shoes. The company is downsizing I sure hope they don't eliminate me. I am so sick with the flu that I will have to take some time off. We need groceries and I am sure that nasty clerk at the grocery store is talking behind my back. So where am I going to shop at? We have no money for food anyway. There isn't enough money for the bills. Damn what am I going to do I might get laid off? I just cannot deal with this stuff anymore."

One issue at a time folks and don't go presuming that anybody is talking about you behind your back because good gosh where on earth did you come up with a thought like that anyway? If something bothers you then go start a discussion with the source of your worry and that will take care of that. Resolved, over and done with, put your feet up and relax. Gosh that many thoughts at any one time would overwhelm anybody. Stop thinking so darn much. Start looking and dealing with the little pieces of the puzzle rather with that great big everything at once picture that you have created. Just stop thinking so much.

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