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Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

If you are someone who is a risk taker, flexible, determined, resilient, committed, confident, inquisitive, and above all else an optimist then you have the amazing qualities which would deem you as a candidate to be a successful entrepreneur.

These qualities may be ones that you were born with or ones that you developed throughout the basic everyday tasks of living. However you acquired them these personality traits form the basis of a strong entrepreneurial spirit and would enable you an incredible advantage over others entering into the same business application.

So how do these traits relate to you? These basic characteristics are the ones that most successful business people possess. You may not have a high ranking in every one of these categories but being low in one yet high in most still qualifies you to be a good candidate to succeed in business.

There are a lot of factors that make people the individuals that we are and sometimes a person’s strength in one area will carry them …

Writing in the AM for Morning Clarity

There are a number of advantages to writing in the early morning hours and your clarity of mind is only one of these

Gone are the distractions and stresses of yesterday and other than the cobwebs that have gathered in the mind over night we generally wake up pretty refreshed after a good nights sleep. Which means that for me morning is the perfect time to sit down and write.

We are human and prone to an abundance of opinion and emotion which can easily display itself in our writing. Fatigue can bring emotions flowing out that we may not necessarily want within the context of an article so it really is best to work when we are at our most refreshed and alert frame of mind.

Worry, stress, and anger can easily taint an unbiased line of reasoning in an article. Fatigue can bring those vivid emotions flowing out within the ink of the pen. All the tiny little details of the day can build one upon the other and remain with a person for the remainder of the day. We may not realize the emotions …

Heart of a Writer

Writers do not save their memories in albums and videos. Their special moments in time are saved in hastily scribbled notes on little bits and pieces of papers or quickly clicked into a cameras lens.

These memories so quickly captured are then just as quickly tossed aside to lie scattered about and patiently waiting to be picked up and reevaluated at a more convenient time. In these tiny little thoughts and memories lies the basis of blogs, short stories, books, advice columns, newspaper editorials and a look inside the heart of a writer.

The heart of a writer exists within their work. Each line that is written is filled with the thoughts, emotions, and ideals of that writer. Memories of past events and hopes for future ones all lie buried within the words that are quietly typed onto the keyboard.

From a paper napkin tucked into a jacket pocket at a local restaurant come the words, "He examines her like a scientist would examine a bug under a microscope". The writer remembers t…

Writing Prompts for Writers Block

Writing prompts are cues that help you to become a better writer. 

They are the reason that biographies are written, fairy tales come to life, and news articles are printed to keep you up to date on current events. 

Literary creators use these cues to create their work.

Writing prompts are words or phrases that send emotional signals to jolt a stagnant mind and impel it into action. When writer's block hits they are an exercise technique that can help pull you back into a working mode. Designed to help a person formulate an article or story around them these prompts can be beyond value to those who work with words. They are the emotional stimuli that is the basis of a writer's creative work. A writing prompt is a cue designed to stimulate your mental processes.

Sample Writing Prompts
1. The sun beamed down on the children at play...
2. The unicorn pranced excitedly when it noticed the treat in my hand...
3. His eyes welled with a sudden rush of tears and I knew...
4. Tiny white clouds…

Fiction Writing Techniques

Fiction is a masterpiece built of deception, image, and emotion. Simply defined fiction is not true and the characters that play within it are not really experiencing what is being portrayed in the story line. Fiction is a fabrication derived from the writer's imagination.

The characters can be talking animals, mythical creatures, cartoon characters, or weird floaty beings. The story could even be based about yourself or your best friend but the events would be a total falsehood.

The events that are written in a fictional work are not actually real life events although they could sometimes be based on a set of circumstances that was real. Emotions and imagination are the main tools for creating these essays.

You select some characters, choose a background for your creatures to play in and you have the makings of a fictional story. Your tale can be anything that your overactive imagination can create. You simply entwine your feelings and fears into the lives of your characters and fic…

Proper Use of May and Can

There is often some confusion that arises in the proper usage of MAY and CAN. Each serve a distinctly separate purpose.

The two words seem as though they could be interchangeable in a sentence but they are words which have two distinctly different meanings.

There is a proper and an improper way to use the word MAY and CAN. While both MAY and CAN are auxiliary verbs each has a very distinct meaning and the usage of either one within a sentence can change the context of that sentence dramatically. 

They are mood setting words which set the tone of a question or sentence but whereas MAY is a word which requests permission CAN indicates the ability or capability to accomplish something. They are two of the most often confused words in our English language.

Example of the Interpretation of MAY and CAN when they are used in very similar sentences. Note the completely different meaning of the question when CAN and MAY are interchanged.

Question: “MAY I go to the park?”
Reply: “Yes, you MAY.”

The u…

Finding Free Photos Pictures Clip Art

Creating a website generally requires quality images to go along with the information you display. We can provide some of these ourselves but it is nice to have a wide variety of unique photos on hand to suit each need.

You really only need to discover a few reputable sources of copyright free pictures to satisfy all your illustration needs. There are thousands of online pictures including clip art, works of art, illustrations, and high quality photos that are available for public use. Individuals and corporations donate thousands of these free for others to use.

Other images fall into the public domain when their copyright expires after which they are available to anyone who wishes to use them. Pictures wind up in the public domain because the person who created the image has given up their right to it, died, or has not laid claim to it. Some are there because the copyright that once existed on the image has expired and so now these drawings, paintings, and photographs are available fo…