Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

If you are someone who is a risk taker, flexible, determined, resilient, committed, confident, inquisitive, and above all else an optimist than you have the amazing qualities which would deem you as a candidate to be a successful entrepreneur.

These qualities may be ones that you were born with or ones that you developed throughout the basic everyday tasks of living. However you acquired them these personality traits form the basis of a strong entrepreneurial spirit and would enable you an incredible advantage over others entering into the same business application. So how do these traits relate to you? These basic characteristics are the ones that most successful business people possess. You may not have a high ranking in every one of these categories but being low in one yet high in most still qualifies you to be a good candidate to succeed in business.

There are a lot of factors that make people the individuals that we are and sometimes a person’s strength in one area will carry them through another area where they have weakness. A risk taker who is flexible, resilient, committed, confident, inquisitive, determined, and optimistic is someone who has the very qualities which will enable him or her to succeed where others may fail.

That these characteristics combine to create a successful entrepreneurial spirit make sense when they are looked at in their relation to the challenges that a business person faces on a day to day basis. A risk taker is not afraid to take a calculated gamble in their pursuit of greater glory. This is a quality that will allow them to move away from the safety of a current lifestyle and dive into a new career.

Risk takers look toward the long term goal rather than focusing on the uncomfortableness of the immediate situation. Living on a low income for perhaps the first to fifth year of business or facing head on the threat of losing all monies invested will seem a small price to pay for the opportunity of attaining a possible lifetime filled with personal and financial rewards. These individuals are willing to take the risk.

Being determined, flexible, resilient and therefore undaunted by failure or changing situations is another key characteristic of a successful entrepreneur. Having this character trait allows one to simply adapt to changing situations and to maneuver around obstacles to push on with a slow and steady course of action. 

It allows disappointments to come and go yet gives an individual the strength to continue whereas others would give up. This entrepreneur is determined to hang in for the long haul so allows their business the time it needs to succeed. The majority of business ventures do not survive past the first 5 years of operation with many closing their doors during the 1st year. If you can get through the early years then you just may be in business for the long term.

Being inquisitive is another important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur as this personality type is constantly investigating, discovering and searching for ways of improving the process and increasing production and sales. This entrepreneur may find newer or better methods of streamlining, categorizing, or of organizing his business all in order to achieve success in the venture.

Commitment is another important trait that one must possess to be successful in the business world. An individual who is committed to a task will give 150% to see that the project is completed. This person will be more than willing to pull up any slack in the ranks just to see that everything reaches a positive conclusion. For this type of entrepreneur there is no giving up, just new ways of doing things in order to be successful.

Having a confident attitude and optimist heart will mean that as a business person you are not easily swayed from your intent to succeed. When others around you doubt your success you just smile and work a little harder. Business is a game and one that you play to win. You enjoy the challenge.

As a risk taker you see no loss in the hundreds of hours you spend working for minimum pay. It all makes perfect sense because what you see is the ultimate prize. Just up the road a little ways it sits waiting for you to reach it. When you love what you do you don't mind the work it takes to get you where you want to go. I guess the moral of this is to find something you enjoy and create your business around that theme.

For me it was a business aptitude test that brought me to my current career. I was surprised to discover that I possessed in myself so many of the attributes and skills that would make me a top candidate to succeed as an entrepreneur in todays job market. 
I knew from past experiences that I was determined, a risk taker with a strong will to succeed, and an individual who also possessed a strong degree of resilience. I just had not previously known that these were the very characteristics that would also help to make me successful in a future career.

I had played previously in the business world as a store manager but had not previously owned my own business. Learning the results of my character test and seeing it in black and white compared against the “attributes of successful business entrepreneurs” sealed the deal for me. More than ever before I was determined to enter into the world of business on my own.

The twist to this tale is that I am disabled by a rare and long term chronic disability so to succeed independently I would have to discover a means of working around those handicaps. Not being able to physically participate much outside of the home I decided instead to use the internet to my advantage. I would love to say that I am a wildly successful writer but that would definitely be a huge exaggeration. Fortunately my pennies do dribble in slowly but steadily but I am much better classified as your typical starving artist.