Unique And Potentially Profitable Business Ideas

Is it Time For You to Go Out on Your Own? The majority of us have more than a few skills that we have acquired throughout our years and also a little education to accompany these talents. 

When used correctly these basic qualities can be the basis for a profitable business venture. To start ones own business all that is really needed is a viable idea and a workable plan. Of course it is not as quite as easy as that may sound as there is also a lot of hard work, determination, and risk that go into operating your own business. Having a strong entrepreneurial drive is important but awareness of current needs and a little extra available cash can definitely help when it comes to putting your business plans onto a pathway to financial success. Before beginning any business venture it is important to first discover if there is a need for your product or service. Finding a niche that needs filling can be the key to your successful launch. 

To help you find that niche business theme provided here are a few suggestions, tips, and innovative employment ideas. If one of these concepts is a field you are interested in, knowledgeable on, and most importantly something you are willing to invest in, then it may be time for you to let your entrepreneurial spirit out to play. 

Food is a Commodity That is Always in Demand: 
Manufacturing, growth, and packaging are employment areas in the food industry that will never go out of demand. We all consume food and this is something that will not change. Now in demand is the need and desire for more sustainable sources of nutrition. The booming popularity of the plant based burger is a perfect example of innovation within the food industry. 

There is a strong shift toward increasingly humane animal practices, vegetarian proteins, organics, environmentally friendly food sourcing, and reduced plastics in packaging options. Climate change concerns and a new wave of health awareness are affecting how consumers are choosing which foods they will purchase. There are many areas of interest that a new food based business can take advantage of today. 

*Grow or produce food
*Enter into the restaurant industry
*Open a specialty food store or service
*Deliver ready made food
*Manufacture a food product such as mustard, jam, or pastries
*Create a new packaging method or material
*Design eco-friendly bags, baskets or bins to replace current plastic ones.

The amount of space you have to operate your business and the degree of knowledge you have in your chosen field will definitely help to shape which direction you move forward in. Alternative protein products can be a highly lucrative arena to enter into. Farming insects ie: grasshoppers and meal worms for human consumption is quite an innovative new direction in food production. This food source takes up little space, is eco-friendly, and overall is an excellent source for alternative protein options. Producing a line of insect based protein products has many business opportunities. These small creatures can be easily dried and ground into flour for baking. You can take advantage of a local market or a distant one. 

Alternative Protein Options: Our health conscious population is ready to reduce their meat consumption if a viable option is available to them. There are many opportunities available for a creative individual to market. One could grow and supply a product to a manufacturer or become a producer. Within the farming, packaging, and manufacturing of plant based proteins there are many business concepts for a person to niche into.

*Organic farming, products, or food production: If a product is organic then it can be more appealing than an option that isn't.
*Edible flowers
*Eco-friendly Packaging: Bamboo, wicker, cotton, linen, and hemp are alternative packaging options to plastic. Consumers need to package their purchases and are moving toward more environmentally friendly options making this an area of potential future growth. 

We Are an Aging Population: 
With the baby boomers retiring we are indeed an aging population and with this shift in dynamics comes new demands in senior care, services, housing, medical, travel and financial needs. This opens up a number of niche areas that a person can use to develop a business plan in. 

*Yard maintenance and landscaping
*Senior fitness instructor
*In home care worker
*Meal provider
*Entertainment coordinator
*Travel provider
*Sale of senior related products ie: mobility aides, scooters, security devices.
*Travel companion
*Nutritional consultant

Where there is a need there is also a viable business opportunity. Seniors often downsize their home and move into small accommodations. That extra cash may be used for their future care, investment, travel, or simply to discover ways to enjoy the abundance of free time they now find themselves blessed with. Little luxuries, nutrition, fitness, security, care, and travel can be key areas of interest to seniors as they age. 

Recycling Offers Countless Business Opportunities: 
All that waste has to go somewhere. Used clothing, electronics, plastics, wood pallets, glass, and metals are an unlimited source of product to draw from. Recycling and the environment are hot topics today so a venture that includes this theme can have many interesting and potentially profitable venues to enter into. If you can acquire the material you need at little cost then the items you produce can have a healthy net gain for your company. 

*Recycle used clothing
*Resell used clothing
*Recycle or repair computers or other electronics
*Reuse metals
*Recycle wood pallets ie: Up-cycling the wood into fencing material or furniture.
*Recycle glass: Transportation of materials to recycling facilities or manufacture of new products.
*Recycle Tires
*Up-cycling used items into usable new products or art.
*Open a recycling facility and direct products to areas they can best be reused in.
*Open a used book store
*Open a used record store
*Deal in collectibles 

Opening a Co-op Can be a Viable Option: 
There are many situations where getting together with a group of like minded individuals can be a great way to enter into your own business. You can act as a coordinator or director of the operation. You provide the space and advertising and your participants provide the product. 

*Artists Co-op
*Farmers market
*Flea market
*Craft market

There are thousands of potential business ideas so the issue is simply to find the one that is appropriate for you. Co-ops  can indeed be a great way to go as you are never really alone in your venture. By featuring local artists, produce, or products you have an immediate group involved in helping to promote your business. A cooperative can be a great selling feature for a local business as word of mouth can be a wealth of free advertising. 

Provide a Service: 
Use your current skills to earn extra cash. It may be time to tap into the education and experience that you have garnered throughout the years. If you have held a job then you have picked up a few skills that have some degree of value to them. What talents do you possess that could provide a service to others? 

*Fitness Instructor
*Nutritional Consultant
*Dog sitter or walker
*Pet groomer
*Dance Instructor
*Wedding planner or event coordinator

Where there is a want or need there is an opportunity to open a business to fulfill that requirement. You can start out small and work within your preferred schedule whether that be part time or full time. It is entirely up to you the commitment you want to make to your business venture. Discover your niche then be innovative, creative, and resilient. 

Do It On The Internet: 
Opening an online business can expand your costumer base dramatically. Today we are fortunately no longer restricted to just serving our local community. With a website we have the ability to not only target customers within our local area but also our country or potentially around the world. And cost wise a business website can be considerably less expensive to open than a typical brick and mortar storefront. A web based business is an exciting opportunity that should not be overlooked. Perhaps your product or service would be better featured online.

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