With exceptional training facilities, government grants and small business loan programs, a relatively low tax rate and opportunities available in a multitude of potential venues and areas there is a wealth of opportunity for companies who open their doors in Canada. Money is the reason most of us choose to work and having a love for what we do can certainly help us to enjoy the experience. No matter which job it is that you do this index is all about the stuff that folks like you and I do

Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur: There are distinct characteristics that successful business people have in common. Do you share these unique traits?

Unique and Potentially Profitable Business Ideas: If an entrepreneurial passion is driving you forward then perhaps one of these business ideas may be the perfect one for you.

The Importance of Break Time When Working From Home:
It can be all too easy to get involved in what we are working on and that means that health and family can easily be neglected.