Most Dangerous Snakes in the World

When it comes to dangerous animals snakes are one of the most feared creatures on Earth. These slippery, slithery creatures can deliver one of the most painful bites that you will ever receive. Add to this pain the fact the many snakes are going to inject you with a poisonous venom within their bite and you can see why snakes are one of the most dangerous animals out there.

Canada's cold climate keeps most snakes from wanting to set up home here but we still have a few poisonous varieties that live in our midst. Your odds of running into one of these slithery creatures are low but the rattlesnake, the massasauga, and the dessert night snake are three to watch out for when hiking Canada's woods, grasslands, or trails. 

A snakes venom ranges in toxicity, and if you happen to be the unlucky fellow who interrupts a poisonous snake when he really isn't expecting company, well you just might soon discover exactly how lethal a snakes bite can be. So let's take a look at which snake species are the most dangerous snakes in the world.

How snakes are classified is the reason for the large degree of discrepancy in exactly which snakes top the list. Some believe that it is the toxicity of a snakes venom which merits it a place on the list. Whereas others believe that it is the amount of venom that a snake is able to produce which makes it the most lethal. 

Another area which is used to classify dangerous snakes is their temperament. Some snakes are just down right nasty and only too happy to chomp down on any living creature which makes a movement in their direction. Whereas other more lethal snakes would prefer to just slither quietly away rather than battle out an encounter.

So which snake species really are the most dangerous in the world? Well these slippery fellows make a consistently frequent appearance on a lot of the Beware of Snake lists out there so these may be the snake species that you should try to avoid surprising.

In Africa the Black Mamba tops the list as the most feared snake in the region. Growing up to fourteen feet in length, poisonous, highly aggressive, and able to move at a swift speed of about twelve kilometres per hour, this is definitely a snake which earns it's listing as one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. The mortality rate from a Black Mamba bite is almost 100 percent and most victims die within three hours of receiving the bite.

The Puff Adder is the snake which causes the most fatalities in Africa. It is also the most common snake in Africa and carries with it a highly toxic bite. Although venomous it is this snakes behaviour which perhaps accounts for its lethality.

When encountered, or threatened, this snake freezes rather than slithering away or striking a defensive and therefore warning pose. Because this snake lies so still it is often overlooked by those who get too close to it. Sixty percent of all snake bites in Africa are from this very dangerous snake.

The Inland Taipan snake of Australia is the most venomous snake in the world which gives it a place on the most dangerous snake list. It's venom is 200 to 400 times more toxic than that of the rattlesnake and it's bite can kill a person in about forty-five minutes. The good news is that this shy fellow likes to slither away when it hears someone approaching and the only humans bitten by the Inland Taipan have occurred within a laboratory setting.

Throughout India and Southeast Asia it is the King Cobra which
makes the list of the world's most dangerous snakes. Classed as the world's longest, venomous snake, the King Cobra can reach a body length of eighteen and a-half feet. 

This snake is extremely aggressive and with it's large body size, it can strike a victim from up to seven feet away. This King of the Cobras can inject between 360 mg to 600 mg of venom per dose which is enough poison to kill twenty to forty adult men. It is definitely one of the most dangerous snakes in the world.

So if you happen to vacation to one of these exotic destinations keep an eye on the ground when you are out walking about. You really do not want to have an encounter with one of the world's most dangerous snakes.

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