World's Most Dangerous Animals

Finding yourself face to face with one of these terrifying creatures could send you scrambling head over heels to get as far away from it as fast as you can. They are the world’s most dangerous animals and they are enough to frighten even the bravest of souls.

These beasts have scratched, clawed, bit and chewed their way into the history books as the most treacherous animals in the world. But which animals actually make up this revered list just may surprise you. This first beast tops the most dangerous animal list because it is responsible for more deaths worldwide than any other. This horrific monster kills an astounding two million people each year.

Because of it’s ability to transfer disease and parasites, particularly those related to malaria, the mosquito tops the most dangerous animal list. This small creature infects approximately 350 to 500 million people with malaria each and every year. As though this were not enough to make a person run screaming from the mere sight of a mosquito, recently a new threat by this creature has also emerged, the West Nile Virus has crossed international borders and is spreading throughout the United States and Canada. Yes, you guessed it, mosquitoes are also able to transmit this virus to humans.

When it comes to animals that can make a person’s skin crawl the snake takes top place. Snakes are responsible for about 50,000 human deaths each year and that is enough to give at least one of this species a rightfully earned spot at the top of the World’s most dangerous animals list.

The Asian King Cobra is responsible for the majority of the snake related deaths. This frightening animal can grow to an amazing 18.5 feet (5.6m) in length, and their bite has a seventy-five percent mortality rate, which the Asian King Cobra one of the most dangerous animals that you can encounter.

Elephants make it on to the most dangerous animal list because of their sheer size. Usually a docile creature, man is no match for these beasts when they do get into a rare bad mood. There are numerous reported elephant encounters which end with a human being stomped to death.

The fourth largest animal in the world also makes it onto the list. This ill tempered extra large animal is considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world. In Africa the Hippopotamus is thought to be responsible for more human deaths than any other animal in the region.

Hippos do not generally seek out human interaction but weighing in at between one and a half and three and a half ton each they are an animal that you really do not want to run into. Perhaps I should rephrase that statement to say: have run into you.

Speaking of animals which lurk in murky ponds, a saltwater crocodile can weigh up to one ton and grow to a terrifying 17 feet in length. If he manages to get you in his grasp he will pull you into the watery depths alongside him.

A crocodile will eat virtually anything that he can kill. He will hold you under the water till you drown and then consume you. Crocs does dine on more than a few humans each year and that earns him a well deserved spot on the world’s most dangerous animal list.

In the oceans you will find the Box Jellyfish who unlike other jellyfish can maneuver its way independently throughout the waters. Reaching up to ten feet in length and with as many as fifteen tentacles this frightening creature of the deep can and does kill. Other most dangerous creatures of the deep are the Great White Shark and the Tiger shark. These two on the list for very understandable reasons.

Tigers, Lions, and Bears have chomped and bitten their way onto the list too. An encounter with one of these swift moving creatures is enough to turn your hair grey on the spot. You cannot run from them, climb a tree to get away from them, or hide from them. Your best defence against these dangerous creatures is to avoid them.

Although there are hundreds of other creatures which merit spots on the most dangerous creature list there are more than a few tiny monsters who deserve to be mentioned here simply because of the sheer terror that they instill in those who encounter them.

The scorpion, funnel web spider, brown recluse spider, and poison dart frog each in its own right is a formidable beast to encounter. So keep your eyes and ears open when you are out of doors and if at all possible avoid an encounter with one of the world’s most dangerous creatures. There is a definite reason as to why each of these animal’s names made the list and you really do not want a personal lesson on how they got there.

Here in Canada we also have our share of dangerous animals and on the list for very different reasons are our moose and bear. The large size of the moose makes it a hazard to those on the highway and accidents which involve them can very likely result in death to both those in the vehicle and the moose who happens to get hit. Although rarer a personal face to face run in with a moose can also be an extremely dangerous spot to find yourself in. You are likely to walk away from a vehicle accident with a bear, but a personal encounter resulting in an attack from a grizzly, polar, or black bear is the reason they make it onto the most dangerous animals in Canada list. 

Although attacks by these creatures are rare, other Canadian animals to make the list are the cougar, rattlesnake, black widow spider, coyote, and wolf. Our mosquitos have fortunately thus far proven to be much less deadly than those found in other parts of the world. When enjoying Canada's back country be aware of the wildlife that reside there. Play safe and leave plenty of space between you and any wilderness animal you may happen upon. An encounter can be dangerous for you but it could also be just as dangerous for them. It is up to us to insure that all species are given the respect and territory they need to survive.