A Reason to Write

Words are one of the most powerful tools that we have. They have the power to hurt and they have the power to heal. 

They explain how people feel when they are happy, angry, or sad. 

Words tell you how things work and why these same items don't when they won't. You can learn how to bake something, make something, or how to fix that darn something that decided to stop doing what it was supposed to. 

Words are wonderful. Creative writing creates an atmosphere that transports its reader into another time and place. The written word has the power to change the opinion of its reader. It can alter the direction of a persons life or lifestyle. It can cause a reader to laugh, cry, or to feel empathy or emotion toward someone or something that they otherwise would not have. Words are powerful. Handle them with care.

Yet speech terrifies me. You can't change how your spoken words fall once you have released them. Words each chosen so carefully but then thrown haphazardly together to cre…

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